Olympians are not born

they are Made

"If you don't think you were born to run you're not only denying history. You're denying who you are"


14 Diet and Fitness Myths Busted

Important Diet and Fitness Myths Details - Eating Fats, Whey Protein, Slow Metabolism, Pilates, Yoga, Sweating, etc..

Who is Sydney McLaughlin? History​

World Record Holder - Let’s find out about her biography, and understand how she was able to achieve such phenomenal results...

Why Do Jamaican Athletes Run Fast?​

Have you ever wondered why Jamaicans run fast? Today we will explore some of the secrets behind Jamaica's quick success.

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Life is once, So please try whatever you want. Don’t go in the wrong way. Good things will take time. Don’t waste your time. Whatever you are doing now will define your future

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Usain Bolt

Miss you Bolt

Some of my Inspirations

Sports – It’s not only for winners. I would request you to respect all games & events. Don’t support your favorite sports only.  Here I am willing to share some of my inspirations. Every person has their positives & negatives. What we take from their matters. Don’t focus only on the winners, There are so many people participating in different sports or competitions. Just try to learn others’ details, technique & their life story also. Then only all sports will grow, everyone will recognize it & That will improve our knowledge.

This Is the recent videos of future baby

I am really happy to make this videos for all hard workers

Zion Clark Life Story
Play Video about Zion Clark Life Story
Allyson Felix
Play Video about Allyson Felix

This is yor Life

Keep in mind

Everything in the world is created by us. So don't feel like I can't shine in this sport & field. Nothing can find your natural power. But You can. Every human is unique. Your ultimate goal is must to find your natural ability & push your limit.

We are not born to race with others


The world is really big. Just Try to see once all-natural creations of it.


Time is precious. Try it all, But don't run without purpose or destination

money world

Money matters. Don't live a life to earn money. Try to earn it easily & live more

Family & Friends

Whatever you accomplish, Don't live without spending your time with these people

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