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Can I Wear Running Shoes For Hiking?

8 Important Tips – Can I Wear Running Shoes For Hiking?


I think Trail Runners are the perfect hiking boot alternative. Can I wear running shoes for hiking?  Sure hiking boots have a place in your hiking tool chest. But for most hikes, you can get by perfectly fine with Trail Runners.

This post looks at the pros and cons of hiking and Trail Runners. Includes a buyer’s guide on what to look for and a good pair of Trail runners.

Can I Wear Running Shoes For Hiking?

1. Benefits

Trail Runners have a lot of great benefits to hiking. They’re lightweight weighing about 10 to 11 ounces compared to hiking boots at two to three pounds.

They have great flexibility to help you get across rugged terrain. Trail Runners have virtually no break-in period. To be fair the marrow Moab doesn’t either.

2. Price Difference

Then they’re affordable. Trail Runners are going to run you about 100 to 120 dollars. Whereas most hiking boots are about 150 to 200 dollars.

Add a little bit more detail around the weight, it doesn’t seem like a big difference. when you’re only talking about a pound and a pound half.

Can I hike in running shoes

Can you use running shoes for hiking? However several Studies have shown just three and a half ounces added to a shoe will increase the energy a runner needs to expend by one percent. You know for hikes that are several miles and can last hours that can add up and put a great deal of strain on your body.

3. Pros & Cons

Can I wear running shoes for hiking? For all the pros of hiking and Trail Runners, There are certainly some cons. If you plan to go on serious long hikes Trail Runners lack the durability that a hiking boot has.

So you’re going to have to replace them more often. The grip on trail Runners although fantastic. Serve a different purpose than they do for hiking boots. Then cold weather insulation.

The Marathon training from scratch

For early morning hikes or hikes in Winter, you’re going to want a hiking boat. Hiking boots have a purpose. For long hikes, the comfort and protection you’re going to get from a hiking boot are incomparable to Trail runners.

4. Trail Running Shoes vs Running Shoes

Can I wear running shoes for hiking? Hiking boots are unique and when comparing them to different Footwear, you have to look at what makes a hiking boot special. The key components of hiking boots are the lugs the grip and the meat of the boot. The upper stabilizes the foot and protects your ankle.

Eyelid to further secure your foot and keep the laces tight in the midsole which provides cushion while allowing Flex. Then the toe cap and the Wren which provide durability at the most vulnerable location of a boot ( the toe ).

Can I wear running shoes for hiking

Footwear is by far the most essential article of clothing you can wear on a hike. Sure in extreme cold and extreme heat, hiking pants and Hiking shirts can be life-saving. But on every hike, you run the risk of dangerous slips and Falls.

5. Hiking Injuries

A study on hiking injuries found 42 percent of hikers suffered from ankle injuries, 13% from head injuries, and 10% from the lower leg. 70% of those hikers were wearing ankle-high hiking boots. 58% were used in hiking poles or trekking poles of some sort.

For easy hikes on well-maintained Trails, you can get by just fine with cross trainers. However as you advance to more challenging Trails, you can’t discount how important it is to have a great hiking boat.

6. How to Buy a Good shoe

These days models of Trail Runners range, they range from the High Bridge Street and light Trail models to the rugged and off-trail models. 

When buying Trail Runners focus on the comfort, the grip, and the drop. The drop is the difference between the padding on the heel to the toe.

Can I wear running shoes for hiking

Runners generally have a higher drop and then your Barefoot shoe has zero drops. Not everyone finds drop comfortable. So be sure to try different pairs and different drop variations to see how it feels on your foot.

You’re going to want to make sure that you have a pattern of grip that’s close to a hiking boot.

7. Off Trial

Can you hike in running shoes? Many of the off Trail and the most rugged Trail Runners are made by the same companies that make the best hiking boots. That’s Merrell, Hoka, and Solomon.

8. Comfort

The lightweight models are often the Nike, Adidas, and New Balances that have become household names. Then comfort, you never know just how long a hike is going to take or where a trail is going to lead you.


Can I wear running shoes for hiking? If you’re a runner and a casual hiker, I recommend a pair of Trail runners. But the moment you decide to step up your hiking you’re going to need a serious pair of hiking boots.

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