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The Inspiring Story of David Goggins

David Goggins Feet: The Secret to His Incredible Endurance


David Goggins is known for his incredible feats of endurance, mental toughness, and perseverance. He has completed numerous ultra-endurance races, including several 100-mile races, and holds the world record for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours.

But there is another aspect of Goggins’ story that is less well-known: David Goggins feet. Despite his remarkable athletic accomplishments, Goggins has struggled with foot injuries throughout his career as a Navy SEAL and endurance athlete.

His story is a testament to the importance of proper foot care and the mental toughness required to overcome challenges. In this blog post, we will explore David Goggins’ foot journey and the lessons we can learn from it.

The Story of David Goggins Feet

The story of David Goggins feet is a remarkable one. As a former Navy SEAL and ultra-endurance athlete, Goggins has put his body through some of the most grueling challenges imaginable. But despite his incredible physical and mental toughness, Goggins has faced numerous foot injuries throughout his career.

One of the most common injuries that Goggins has dealt with is stress fractures. These are tiny cracks in the bones of the foot that can be caused by overuse, improper footwear, or other factors.

Stress fractures are painful and can take weeks or even months to heal properly. For an athlete like Goggins, who is constantly pushing himself to his limits, stress fractures can be a major setback.

david goggins feet

In addition to stress fractures, Goggins has also dealt with plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the foot. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors, including overuse, tight muscles, and improper footwear. Goggins has described the pain of plantar fasciitis as “like walking on broken glass.”

Despite these injuries, Goggins has refused to let them hold him back. In his book “Can’t Hurt Me,” he describes using duct tape and super glue to hold his feet together during races. He has also experimented with different footwear, including minimalist shoes and even running barefoot, in an effort to find what works best for his feet.

Ultimately, Goggins’ story is one of perseverance and mental toughness. Despite the pain and setbacks he has faced, he has continued to push himself to new limits and inspire others to do the same.

Lessons Learned from David Goggins Feet Journey

David Goggins feet journey provides valuable lessons for athletes and non-athletes alike. Here are some of the key takeaways:

1) Proper foot care is essential: Goggins’ story demonstrates the importance of taking care of your feet, especially if you are an athlete. This includes wearing the right shoes and socks, using foot powder, and stretching regularly.

2) Strength training and mobility work are crucial: To prevent foot injuries, it is important to incorporate strength training and mobility work into your routine. This can help improve balance, flexibility, and overall foot health.

david goggins feet

3) Mental toughness is key: Goggins’ ability to persevere through foot injuries and other challenges is a testament to the power of mental toughness. When faced with setbacks, it is important to stay focused on your goals and push through the pain.

4) Don’t be afraid to experiment: Goggins has tried a variety of approaches to foot care and footwear, including running barefoot and using unconventional materials like duct tape and super glue. While not all of these approaches may work for everyone, it is important to be open to trying new things and finding what works best for you.

5) Seek professional help when necessary: While Goggins has taken extreme measures to deal with his foot injuries, he has also emphasized the importance of seeking professional help when necessary. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your feet, it is important to consult with a doctor or physical therapist to determine the best course of treatment.

Foot Care Tips for Runners and Athletes

Proper foot care is essential for runners and athletes to prevent injuries and stay healthy. Here are some foot care tips inspired by David Goggins’ feet journey:

1) Wear the right shoes: Choose running shoes that fit well and provide adequate support for your feet. Different types of shoes are designed for different types of feet, so it’s important to choose shoes that match your foot type and running style. Replace your shoes every 300-500 miles.

2) Stretch and strengthen: Regular stretching and strengthening exercises can improve foot flexibility, balance, and strength. Incorporate calf stretches, toe curls, and other exercises into your routine to prevent injuries.

3) Use foot powder: If you are prone to blisters or sweaty feet, use foot powder or anti-chafing balm to reduce friction and keep your feet dry.

david goggins feet injury

4) Take care of your toenails: Trim your toenails regularly to prevent ingrown nails and other foot problems. Keep them clean and dry to prevent fungal infections.

5) Try different types of footwear: Experiment with different types of footwear, such as minimalist shoes or even running barefoot, to see what works best for your feet. Make sure to transition slowly and gradually to prevent injuries.

6) Seek professional help: If you experience foot pain or discomfort, don’t ignore it. Consult with a doctor or physical therapist to determine the best course of treatment. This can help prevent further injuries and get you back on track to achieving your goals.

By taking care of your feet, you can prevent injuries and stay healthy so you can continue to push yourself to new limits like David Goggins.


David Goggins feet journey is a powerful reminder of the importance of proper foot care and mental toughness. Despite facing numerous foot injuries throughout his career, Goggins refused to let them hold him back and continued to push himself to new limits.

From stress fractures to plantar fasciitis, his story demonstrates the importance of taking care of your feet, incorporating strength training and mobility work, and being open to trying new approaches to foot care and footwear.

As runners and athletes, it’s important to prioritize foot care and seek professional help when necessary. By following these foot care tips and staying mentally tough, we can prevent injuries and achieve our goals.

David Goggins’ inspiring story shows us that with the right mindset and a commitment to self-care, anything is possible.


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