14 Diet and Fitness MYTHS BUSTED – You All Might Have Heard

diet and fitness myths details

What Are The Major Diet and Fitness Myths

diet and fitness myths

Starving yourself. Spending hours at the gym doing cardio all the time. We have all heard of these as we all want to be in shape; It is one of the biggest challenges in our lives. But what if we tell you that you’ve been trying the wrong ways to achieve your ideal fitness?

In this post, We will walk you through the top myths that have been stopping you from achieving your ideal fitness. So let’s get started.

Myth 14: Eating Fats Will Make You Fat

One of the most famous myths of all time is eating fats will make you fat which is totally wrong. It’s not fats that make you fat it’s the intake of calories. The more calories you consume the fatter you get. Fats are an essential requirement for a lot of processes in our body.

 According to Dr. Mark, Humans eating the right fat will make humans thinner, amazing isn’t it? If the right fats can boost the process of metabolism in our body it can cut hunger the pro tip over here is to identify the right fats that your body requires so that you won’t end up frustrated about your slow weight loss or your fitness goals.

Myth 13: Whey Protein Develops Muscle Quickly

diet and fitness myths

Some fitness freaks might have made you believe that whey protein is a pure miraculous food to gain muscles quickly. Which we won’t say is not true but yes whey protein is just a source of food just like Eggs, Salmon, Chicken, Greek yogurt, etc.

 But whey protein acts faster as it stimulates the anabolic effects of muscle gaining as it provides amino acids quickly to our muscle tissues. Which leads our body to gain muscles faster. But at the end of the day, it’s just normal food. so stop filling yourself with whey and try some other foods too that are rich in proteins.

Myth 12: More Cardio Will Make You Slim & Fit

diet and fitness myths details

You must have got a list of videos and articles when you search for the fastest ways to lose weight or if you have been to the gym then cardio workouts must have freaked you out. Well, Cardio workouts are one of the most high-rated workouts when it comes to burning fat and getting a toned body. 

But we will be honest with you that cardio can help burn fat but also burn muscles, Too much cardio can have diverse effects on your metabolism making the fat-burning process more difficult. Cardio is just a tool to help you lose weight, But we suggest you not overdo it as it leads to health problems.


Myth 11: Women Whose Strength Train Get Big and Bulky

women diet and fitness myths

Women are most afraid of their appearances than anything else in the world, and to remain in shape is their all-time dream. but this myth comes in their way and they can’t find the right workouts for themselves. Lifting weights and going through strength training cannot make women bulky. 

No, Because women’s bodies don’t have the muscle-building hormone testosterone which leads us to nothing but the conclusion that women can’t get bulkier by strength training even if they lift heavy weights. Instead, It will just make their body shed extra weight and become more toned. 

Wow, I hope that we saved a lot of women out there, and Share it with other women so that they can be relieved and can have a good weight loss journey.

Myth 10: It Doesn't Matter How Much You Eat as Long as You Eat Good Food 


Access to anything can be dangerous eating too much food irrespective of its goodness can lead us to danger. Without hiding let’s all accept that we had tried eating the healthiest foods and only that one or some healthy foods to attain good fitness at least once in our lives, and Who knows many of us are still trying it but please know that eating too much healthy food also has disadvantages. 

Yes, it doesn’t stimulate calorie burn or assist weight loss but it can lead to serious health complications. Our body needs all sorts of nutrients but in a perfect quantity. 

Myth 9: The Best Way to Lose Body Fat or Weight is Through Exercise 


Not to doubt exercise is important for us to get into shape and live healthily. Life but it never meant that exercising can fulfill the dearth of a good diet. You can exercise to get a good shape and body but trust us if you don’t have a healthy diet plan you can’t lose weight. 

Researchers and Dietitians say that diets are more effective when it comes to losing weight and you can’t work out if you don’t have the right amount of energy.

Myth 8: You Can't Achieve any Fitness Goal Unless You Work Out For an Hour 

ronaldo diet and fitness myths

Most of us don’t even set a fitness goal just because of this myth. Because it’s not easy to start with such a hard goal in the beginning. According to researchers a workout done for 30 minutes and three workouts done for 10 minutes each will impact your body in the same way.


 So there’s no point in freaking yourself out. Sure if you aim to achieve more and less time you have to put more effort. But tiring yourself in just a week will not pay you any profits instead we suggest you work out little but with consistency to achieve long-term goals.

Myth 7: Muscles Will Turn Into Fats If Not Maintained 

women diet and fitness myths

To understand this myth you need to understand that muscles and fats are two wholly different tissues that perform different functions in our bodies. When we exercise we get toned muscles and when we don’t our muscles stop looking toned. We can manage the fat percentage in our body by following a healthy diet and if we don’t the amount of fat will increase.

Myth 6: Fat People Have a Slow Metabolism

slow metabolism myths

If you are overweight and you believe that you have a sluggish metabolism. Buddy, you are wrong. Studies conducted at oxford university show that less than 10 people who are overweight have metabolic issues.

 Mostly weight gain is DNA determined and it’s rarely because of slow metabolism. It shows people with more body weight tend to burn more calories while they work out which proves that they have better metabolism.

Myth 5: Pilates Can Lengthen Up Muscles

Pilates strengthening

Pilates is known as low-impact exercise. It’s best for toning and building lean muscles. It also improves body posture. however, it’s a myth that it helps in lengthening the muscles. The length of our muscles is predetermined and it remains constant once our muscles are fully grown. But it can tone up your body in such a way that you might look taller and more beautiful. 

Myth 4: Pilates Will Help You Lose Weight

women's diet and fitness myth

As said earlier Pilates is a low-impact exercise. so it can’t help you lose weight if you are not doing it at advanced levels remember you can’t burn a lot of calories with Pilates. But it tones up your muscles. So if your goal is to just achieve a beautifully toned body you can go ahead. If you want to lose weight you must eat in a caloric deficit.

Myth 3: Yoga Leads to Flexibility

partner yoga fitness

Oh, Come on how can we miss yoga if we are talking about health and fitness? Yoga brings balance calmness stability and of course a clear mindset but it does not make your body highly flexible. It can help you gain a toned body and a clear mindset but it’s not wholly about flexibility as claimed in this myth. If you want to get flexible you should do more mobility drills.

Myth 2: Swimming Won't Help You Lose Weight 

diet and fitness myths

Swimming is one of the most loved sports and people love letting themselves in the pool for hours just to relax and chill. But did you know that swimming can burn 450 to 700 calories per hour, Can you believe it? What can be a better way to burn calories than this Moreover, You can enjoy yourself while you work out.


Myth 1: Sweating More Means You are Losing More Fat 

This has to be the number one myth on our list. I have seen people in the gym turning off all the AC and Fans. So that they can sweat more and their logic behind this is plain stupid. If you also believe that sweating more can help you burn fat faster. 

Then let me tell you that sweat is just a cooling mechanism of our body it’s not a measure to calculate fat loss or calorie loss for that matter. If it was true don’t you think standing in the sun for an hour on a hot summer day would have been a better workout than anything.

Well, That’s it from my side we’ve busted a lot of myths about diet and fitness and hope you will now be able to achieve your ideal body. Best of luck.

 Guess what we just took you out of a myth why don’t you keep sharing such important information. 

Don’t forget to write some fitness myths that you know of in the comment section down below

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