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How to Keep Pace While Running?

Beginner’s Top 3 Secrets: How to Keep Pace While Running?


Today I’m giving you three beginner tips for how to keep pace while running. I’m going to tell you how to take control of your pacing. I will help you learn how and when to run at a faster pace. How and when to run slow? How all of that ultimately can help you improve your running.

Types of Runner

As you start to get into running how to keep pace while running, You’ll start to realize how important pacing is, People tend to fall into two different categories.

There are those people that are not afraid of intensity they come out really at a faster pace. You know that they’re feeling good, They’re not thinking about the long. They’re just kind of going out as fast as they can.

How to keep pace while running.

These people tend to blow up a few minutes into their race, Maybe a few minutes into their long run and then they can never get it back.

So you can’t run more than ten minutes at a time, That’s something to consider maybe you’re in that category.

On the other side of things those people who are very good at finding that comfortable spot. So that spot of running where it’s not too hard, I can hang on to this. You’re not worried about the length, Because you know you’re at a pace you can control the breathing nothing’s scaring you about the run.

Must Avoid This Thing

The danger here is that perhaps you’re not improving how to keep pace while running or You’re running a lot slower than you could be. The idea is always to be improving and always to be getting a little bit faster pace. At some point, You want to be moving your training to the next level and if you stay in this one zone, that tends to be your downfall there.

So that’s those two categories. I’m going to tell you how to pace yourself. So that you’re not falling into one of those, But finding something in the middle.

How to Keep Pace While Running: Secret 1

Be Aware of What You’re Doing Already

My first tip for you is to be aware of what you’re doing already. Before we can make a change to your pacing or even start to get into that realm. We need to know what you’re already doing.

So a good way how to keep pace while running is to grab a device of some sort phone, there are several apps and simply watch a stopwatch. Something that will help you track your run may be how long your splits are, and how fast the beginning of your run is compared to the end.

How to keep pace while running.

On the other side of that, Are you running in the same conditions every single time you run? Are you running in the same group? Are you running the same distance? the same course every single time you run.

Take a couple of weeks or maybe just a couple of runs to track and compare your number. So you get an idea of what’s going on with your pace.

A good way to get aware of this like I said if you’re using your phone, I love the Strava app there’s some at my run. There are a few other tempo ones you can use even just a simple stopwatch and you can do your splits every mile or half a mile.

That’ll help you just track it write it out and then compare those runs next to each other. So that’s the first thing is to get aware of how you’re running.

How to Keep Pace While Running: Secret 2

Where You’re Doing Your Run?

Now you’re aware of your timing and how to track that on your runs. Another thing we want to look at is varying your terrain or where you’re doing your run. Your pace can be broken by running at a faster pace or a slower pace.

A good way how to keep pace while runninautomatically is just changing up where you run. If you normally run around a track every single time, Try running a little loop of something you don’t know maybe a trail nearby.

Maybe some hills, Maybe some stairs something a little bit different. That will automatically get you running at a different speed. Especially throughout the run.

How to keep pace while running.

Another way you can do this is you can practice some interval running. So very simply no matter what course you’re on you can try 60 seconds of running a little bit faster than you would normally run and then back down to 60 seconds at a comfortable jog pace.

Back and forth for about 10 rounds or so is a good starting point there. That interval training makes you feel what a faster and slower pace feels like versus that one speed.

Again just varying the course and practicing those interval runs will get you finding the spectrum of pace, That you aren’t familiar with yet.

How to Keep Pace While Running: Secret 3

Finding and Sticking to a Training Plan for Your Running

The last thing I want to tell you about how to keep pace while running is finding and sticking to a training plan for your running. You know a lot of you guys just started running so it’s exciting any time you come back from a run anytime you’ve decided you had the energy to go out and do one is super awesome.

The point of a training plan is to think long-term and to help you improve without going day to day and having everything be kind of haphazard based on how you’re feeling that day.

A training plan gives some structure to your life it keeps you accountable on those days when you don’t want to get out the door and put on those running shoes. It makes you do that on those days or maybe you’re super eager to get out there you’re feeling great.

How to keep pace while running.

Even though you just had four hard days in a row, It’ll pull you back and remind you that that’s your rest day. Finding that structure and something that’s going to change up week to week it’s going to help you improve get a faster pace get used to running different terrains, and all that good stuff.

So there are different training plans out there. If you find something better or you have a running group, or Some other way to do it that’s great. Just thinking more long-term is going to make you’re running a lot better versus going day to day.


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So these are all of my tips for you. I hope you enjoy it and get out there and try to start applying some of these things for your pacing. It should be awesome and you should improve quickly your faster or slower pace.

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