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What to Eat to Run Faster?

The Top 2 Basic Foods: What to Eat to Run Faster Quickly


What to eat to run faster? If you’re like many of us in the running community we have a hard time trying to figure out what exactly should we be eating. 

But beyond that, it really comes down to two basic foods that really cover the principles of what you need to be doing to eat to run faster. So in this post, I am going to cover these two foods and they may surprise you.

If Basic Food Will Help to Run Faster?

Now the two things I want to share today. What to eat to run faster? The two basic foods you should be incorporating into your diet are not catch-alls. There’s no silver bullet and I want to be very clear about that because we’re always looking for the perfect fix. If I just do this then everything’s fine.

What to Eat to Run Faster

These two things basically cover principles of eating that you should be going after, So you can substitute them for other things. But the two things I want to cover are going to be something that most of us have access to and most of us are probably going to be able to eat without a problem.

What to Eat to run Faster: Food 1 – Spinach

The first one I want to get to should be no surprise to anybody that grew up on cartoons. That is spinach.

What to Eat to Run Faster

How Does Spinach Help to Run Faster?

  • Popeye didn’t eat all that spinach for no reason. Spinach is an absolutely great source of vitamins and nutrients for our bodies. Something that a lot of us are probably deficient in because at least in North America we often have very poor diets. If we want to describe it in a succinct way we don’t have very nutrient-rich diets. 
  • I don’t know about you but I know I and many of my friends growing up. We grew up on you know kind of cheap pasta and pre-made meals and all these kind of things that simply are not dense enough in vegetables.
What to Eat to Run Faster
  • The idea here is we need vitamins & our body needs vitamins. But if you want to go to something as a must-have or a catch-all again there are no silver bullets but I’m going to try to prescribe one for you ( What to Eat to Run Faster? )
  • That is spinach. Spinach has like I said Vitamins A vitamin C, E & K. If I can remember it all. It has very few calories for the amount of volume and vitamins you’re going to be eating. You can get a lot of nutrition in it, It’s nutrient-dense but not calorie-dense. You can eat a lot of it, get a lot of good things for your body and not pack on extra calories that you don’t need.

How Do I Use Spinach in My Diet?

  • We like to use spinach in a lot of our dishes here. It’s kind of our go-to really to add to anything. Anytime we’re making a pasta dish most pasta dishes you can just say hey I’m going to add spinach.
  • If you get fresh spinach leaves and then you add them in right at the end. You don’t want to cook them a ton. You want to cook them a little bit otherwise you’ll get kind of a rubbery texture.
  • You can add them to almost anything. You can put them on the pizza they can be incorporated in a number of ways without greatly affecting the flavor of your dish. So you can get that nutrient-dense. Leaf in from the spinach without going overboard on the calories and without really affecting your dish.
  • So it’s an easy way to incorporate something that’s very calorie dense or nutrient-dense. But not calorie dense into your diet without trying too hard to modify a bunch of things that you’re already doing.

What to eat to run Faster: Food 2 – Peanut & Jelly

Now the other food I want you to consider is something most of us at least in North America grew up with that’s Peanut Butter and Jelly. This may seem like the most basic kid-dumb kind of thing, But there’s so much good stuff in Peanut butter and Jelly.

That is the essential building block of what we need as runners. I’m talking about it’s got carbs, it’s got protein, it’s got some fat and it’s cheap and easy to consume & Easy to store. ( What to eat to run faster? )

Why Peanut Butter is a Good Recover Snack?

  • Now if you make it with wheat bread, Then you’ve got both low and high-glycemic carbs in the jam or jelly. Then the bread can be low glycemic because of the wheat when you combine those together it can make for a very good recovery snack. After you get done working out eat it.
What to Eat to Run Faster

What If I Don’t Line Peanut?

  • If you don’t like peanut butter and jelly for whatever reason, then you don’t have to eat it. But the idea is to get some kind of snack that combines all of these basic macros that we need into one thing. 

What Benefits Are in Peanut?

  • Having low angle high glycemic index carbs so that we can get a boost of recovery after we get done working out. But also not just immediately digest all those carbs, you know spike the insulin level and get it turned into fat. Then also feed ourselves the fat and protein we need to rebuild muscle and keep our brains operate.
  • Peanut butter and jelly is such a basic thing at least in our culture but I think sometimes we overlook how essential it is.
  • You can actually use it as a fueling source beyond just recovery. in that case you might want to consider a low-sugar kind of jam or jelly.
  • But in any case, peanut butter and jelly encompass, the idea that if we find a snack something that’s very easily made of basic things we don’t have to make them into something that’s easily, readily Accessible.

Conclusion of What to Eat to Run Faster?

We don’t have to go through the lengths of taking all these pills and supplements and everything and that is the perfect fix. Now if you work out a lot of supplements probably have a place in your diet, But the thing that we forget when we think about these things is silver bullets, Which I said in the beginning! What to eat to run faster?

A supplement is exactly what it’s in the name. It’s a supplement to what you’re eating you need to try to fill up as much as you can with whole foods first and then supplement that with anything extra if your body needs more.

So those are my two staples, Spinach, Peanut, and Jam or Jelly. 

Comment Your Thoughts:

What to Eat to Run Faster? Are there any staples in your diet? What do you think are essentials to making you go faster that cover the needs that your body has? You want to share with me and the running community. Leave them down in the comments below I’d love to hear from you.

Please leave a comment in the comment section below about what to eat to run faster.

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