The 10 Mistakes For Why Am I Suddenly Struggling to Run

The Top 10 Mistakes For Why Am I Suddenly Struggling to Run


Why am I suddenly struggling to run? All Runners make mistakes, so today I’ve compiled a list of 10 common running mistakes. Just read it because you may recognize some of these yourself.

Why Am I Suddenly Struggling to Run

1. Doing Too Much Too Soon 

Why is running so hard? If you’re new to running or you’re coming back after a break or you’ve got a new goal. Your Enthusiasm is going to be high along with your motivation but this is dangerous. Because you could end up rushing the process and as a result risking injury or even burnout.

You need to give your body time to adapt and make sure that you increase both the mileage and the intensity at a nice gradual rate. If you follow a program this will help you stay on track.

2. Cheaping Out on Your Footwear

Trying to save money with your footwear choice is a big mistake. Now whilst you don’t need to go buy the most expensive Footwear out there. Trying to save money by either buying very cheap Footwear or by not replacing your old and worn-out Footwear.

It’s a false economy, because not only is that going to potentially reduce your enjoyment and comfort of running. It could also increase the risk of injury which could end up costing you more money in the long run.

So make sure you get the right Footwear for you, and you replace it before it’s worn out and no longer cushions and supports you.

3.  Over Striding

Why am I suddenly struggling to run? This is a common mistake when people think that taking longer, larger strides is going to mean you go faster. But it doesn’t work like that. Striding is usually linked with heel striking, It’s when your foot is Landing Way out in front of you and it’s acting like a bit of a break.

why can't i run like i used to

So you’re kind of stopping yourself with every stride & you’re losing momentum. Having to work much harder so you want your foot to land more underneath your center of gravity and more onto the ball of your foot.

To do this try to think of making slightly shorter strides. But keep them at a nice and high Tempo, so you’re increasing the stride rates.

4. Not Warming Up 

You can’t expect your body to go from rest to suddenly your desired running pace. Forcing it to do so could be a big mistake. This is especially important in high-paced races but equally so important in your day-to-day training.

Why am I suddenly struggling to run

You should gradually warm your body up so when you’re starting now start at a nice easy Pace. Even walking if you feel the need to do so, This is going to allow your muscles ligaments tendons joints all time to become more mobile more Supple, and work more effectively.

Why am I suddenly struggling to run? You will likely find actually in turn this helps to improve your running pace all whilst reducing the risk of injury.

5.  Going Out Too Fast

Why am i so bad at running? This one applies to training and racing. Pacing and running are key. If you’re especially in a race situation you’re quite often feeling fresh and you’ve got the adrenaline flowing. It’s so tempting to go out fast.

You might even think oh I’m gonna get some time in the bank and if I ease off later it doesn’t matter so much. But on the whole, The fastest times are going to be those that are run over the evenest pace. So you need to try and control that.

In fact, At the start of a training effort or a racing effort, It’s probably going to feel almost too comfortable.

But you have to remember the bigger picture and if you can it’s better to even have a little bit left at the end so you can finish more strongly and that’s going to result. In either the best training output or the fastest race time.

6.  Not Drinking Enough

Why am i suddenly struggling to run? For your body to operate properly you need to be well-hydrated. This applies to running but also throughout the rest of your day. Now as Runners we’re often guilty of Simply drinking after a run when we’re thirsty and then little else or going on a long run & barely drinking at all.

But actually, it can take up to 72 hours to rehydrate after a long run or a race. So make sure you’re staying well hydrated throughout the day and throughout all your training. That improves your recovery and ultimately your running performance.

7. Not Eating Well

Along with drinking you need to eat to run. Some people do think that they run so they can eat. But this isn’t a very healthy relationship. Your body needs fuel to run.

So you’ll need to feel before running but also you’ll need to replenish your stores after a run. Make sure you’ve planned a good nutrition program around your running so that your body has enough energy to be able to go and enjoy it.

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Also to get stronger and when you start to make your runs longer 60 to 90 minutes plus, You want to think about actually fueling during your run. So whether that’s gel chews or even taking an energy drink with yoU.

8. Running The Same Route

Running should be interesting and varied. Why am i suddenly struggling to run? Yet many Runners end up falling into trap of running the same routes over and over again. Unfortunately, This can lead to two main issues.

Why am I suddenly struggling to run

One is boredom and staleness, whereas running new routes all the time can help with motivation and enjoyment and help with you sticking to a program. The second is that it can start to create an unhealthy comparison with yourself.

Because by running the same routes all the time you end up expecting a progression and improvement from one run to the next. Which is unrealistic it can affect your motivation. So get out there and start exploring, trying some new routes, and finding that enjoyment.

9. Tensing The Upper Body

Why is running so hard on the body? Having tension in this area is going to waste energy. It’s going to affect your stride. Potentially even restrict your breathing. So you want to focus on trying to relax and let your upper body just move naturally.

Why am i suddenly struggling to run? A few points to think about are keeping that jaw relaxed and trying to drop your shoulders. Having a nice Bend in your elbows around 90 degrees but again not forcing it.

Having just a soft sort of feel in your hands. Now and then it’s quite a good idea to sometimes just shake your arms out altogether to just encourage that overall relaxation.

10. Not Varying Your Run Pace

Why can’t I run like I used to? Not uncommon for runners to just head out the door and settle into their Pace. Not varying your running pace is a mistake. Some runs should be nice and easy some. Runs should be incredibly easy. Some runs should be a bit faster.

Some runs should take you really out of your comfort zone. Even if it’s just for the shortest period. Varying the pace of your own, It’s not only going to help with the variety and enjoyment of your running.

Why am I suddenly struggling to run

It’s also going to train different energy zones and systems, which in turn will improve your running. For that reason, Many people end up running solo all the time. Because they can’t find someone to match their Pace. But you need to embrace this variety of pace.

Embrace that run with your mates who maybe can’t run quite as fast as you & you have to slow things down and embrace that run with your mate that is always a bit faster than you want to go and takes you out of your comfort zone. Always in moderation.


Well, I hope you will get the answer to Why am i suddenly struggling to run?  This list of common mistakes has just helped remind you not to make them.

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If there are any other mistakes that I’ve forgotten ( Why am I suddenly struggling to run? ) Topic maybe you used to do well please share that in the comments section below and if you like is information share it with your friends.


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