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Benefits of Running Every Day

10 Benefits of Running Every Day ?

What happens to your body when you run 10 minutes every day? Does it improve your health? Is running well for you?

Mirabai Chanu Biography

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu Biography

As a child, She displayed great strength. She used to lift & carry heavy firewood from the jungle, a lot more than her siblings…

diet and fitness myths details

14 Diet and Fitness Myths Busted?

The Most Important Diet and Fitness Myths Details – Eating Fats, Whey Protein, Slow Metabolism, Pilates, Yoga, Sweating, etc..

How Money Affects Athletes Carrier ?

Definitely in sports, hard work & determination are not enough for success. Why money matters…

The science of running

The Science of Running

Here’s the science behind how humans run, along with some tips on how you can run smarter, longer, and faster…

Fastest Man in The World

The Incredible Story Of Usain Bolt

Let’s take a look at Usain Bolt’s journey to becoming the fastest man in the world!. How he can be possible…

Fosbury Flop

Dick Fosbury - High Jump Revolution

How one man changed the high jump forever. Dick Fosbury tried his hand at almost every sport. But never excelled…

Shericka Jackson 200m record

The Story of Fastest Woman Alive

Sherika Jackson is probably the most complete sprinter today. The 28-year-old Jamaican is the “fastest 200m runner alive”.

sydney mclaughlin new world record

Who is Sydney McLaughlin? History

Let’s find out about her biography, and understand how she was able to achieve such phenomenal results…

Why do athletes fail in their life

Why do athletes fail in carrier ?

As athletes, it’s our responsibility to make sure we don’t allow this to happen to us. Here are some ways you can avoid fail.

Can humans run faster than 9 sec?

What do you think about humans? Can we run faster than 9 seconds? Well, the short answer to the question is yes…

Paavo Nurmi Marathon

Golden Olympian Paavo Nurmi Story

The record books show he won 5 gold medals in one Olympics. What they don’t make clear is that he did it within 6 days.

bite gold medals

Why Do Olympians Bite Their Medals?

The gold medal is not actually made of gold at all. Well, maybe a little bit, but it’s not as gold as you think it is…

The life story of shelly ann fraser

The Life Story of Shelly-Ann Fraser?

In a decade and a half, This woman has given us so many wonderful performances, and now at the age of 35…

why do jamaican run fast

Why Do Jamaican Athletes Run Fast?

Have you ever wondered why Jamaicans run fast? Today we will explore some of the secrets behind Jamaica’s quick success.

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